• 7th August, 2018
  • Food

Stepping into Chynna is akin to taking a trip to an ancient regal Chinese dining environment; Wood panels engraved with Chinese characters, raised red silk lanterns giving a scarlet glow over the tables, heavy dragon-shaped silver spoons and hand-painted chinaware on the tables

The atmosphere in Chynna’s main dining room provides for an eager anticipation of what’s to come. From a replica of Tang Dynasty Ancestral Hall to the portraits of emperors by the walls greeting you as you are ushered to your table by the service staff dressed in cheong sam, diners can already expect theatrics to complement the highly-raved food.

As you flip through the extensive menu consisting of an eclectic mix of Cantonese and Shanghainese Cuisine; the resident, aptly-dressed Tea Master will acrobatically pour you a specially brewed 8-Treasure Welcome Tea through a metre-long kettle spout while entertaining the guests with incredible dexterity and perform an assortment of kung-fu acrobatics before skillfully pouring without spilling a drop. The Tea Master has today become one of the signatures of Chynna, as has Chef Lam Hock Hin, the brilliant, multiple award-winning and celebrity Executive Chef of Chynna.

“I always remind myself to never rest on my laurels and constantly seek new ways to delight and surprise my customers with creative menus,’ says Lam, an already known personality in the local fine dining scene with numerous accolades already to his name. He is also a TV personality now active in cooking shows.

While Lam works with a culinary palate confined to Chinese ingredients, a flip through the menu will indicate that Lam absorbs different food cultures and preparations and is no short of attempting to revolutionise Chinese cuisine.

Chynna is very popular for its signature Chynna Peking Duck, a dish that Lam has perfected and stands unique from other Peking Ducks served around town, “I am trying to re-establish the way Peking duck is served, where, unlike most other restaurants, the skin is consumed separately from the meat,’ said Lam The ducks at Chynna are also pre-marinated to perfection without the need of additional sweet plum sauce to complement its flavour,

While one will be impressed with the variety on the extensive menu, the emphasis of the dishes served here at Chynna is on using only the freshest and highest quality premium ingredients If the Australian Skylight Abalones and Japanese Sun-Dried Scallops don’t impress you, the Polka Dot Grouper, River Patin Muncung and Australian Lobsters might just.

Most of the regulars at Chynna are also huge fans of Lam’s unique tonic soups and broths such as the Double-Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Cabbage Heart and sun-dried scallops and Four Treasure Fish Soup with Yellow Chives, There is also the Mini Monk Jump Over the Wall, an individual serving of the highly regarded delicacy.

Also a popular destination during the weekends for dim sum enthusiasts, Chynna even features a premium dim-sum menu with dishes such as Baked Abalone with lVIinced Chicken Tart, Lobster Consomme with Saffron and Dumpling, and Long Steamed Alaskan Long-legged crab Roll.

Chynna is a dramatic dining experience using the foundations of stunning lush design features, theatrical attentive service married with quality innovative Cantonese cuisine.