• 1st June, 2019
  • Entertainment


Boyzone is an Irish pop band that is quickly turning into legend, because of their upcoming split. But Shane Lynch, who is the vocalist says that it is the “right decision” for them to part company now. Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham and Lynch have announced that their new album Thank You & Goodnight (released in November, 2018) will be their last. The band formed 25 years ago and they have had an astounding success.


Boyzone shot to stardom after a slow start in 1993. They established nearly a decade at the top of the charts. However, after six number-one singles in the UK and a legacy as one of the most successful boybands in the history of UK pop, Boyzone has decided to dance to a different beat and say thank you and goodnight.

Lead vocalist Stephen Gately sadly died in 2009, but Duffy, Graham, Keating and Lynch chose to continue on as a foursome. They recently said that the loss of Stephen had left huge scars which they would carry as a band forever. And as a band, they were immensely touched by all the tributes and messages of support, because it had helped them through some very dark days. Stephen was their brother and will always be at the very heart of Boyzone – to the extent that some of the songs on their last album are sung by using Stephen’s voice.

In a recent interview they said: “It was a bittersweet experience to hear all our voices together again. It’s the closest the five of us will ever get to being in a room together again making music.”


In the same recent interview, they reflected at length on a successful career and gave an insight into the thought process behind their decision to finally call it quits. A quarter of a century for a boyband is a long time and they now want to go out gracefully.

Ronan, Keith, Mikey and Shane said: “When we started out as five young Dublin Northsiders, eager to face the world, we never imagined that we’d still have an army of fans some twenty-five years later… If you’d seen our famous first TV appearance on The Late Late Show, you’d probably be surprised too! We really can’t put into words just how much the fans, have supported us along the way. Without that support, we would have never achieved what we have, and for that we’re eternally grateful. Twenty-five years is a long time. We’re certainly not boys anymore, and we all feel that we should now call time on our lives together as Boyzone and go out on a real high.”

“We all had doubts but we all know it’s the right decision. That last show is going to be horrible, absolutely horrible. It’s going to hurt, but we have to do it. Boyzone will play one final tour to celebrate their 25th anniversary, but after that the jig will be up” – so come and see them on their last concert in Malaysia ever.