The Smokehouse (Cameron Highlands)

Sixty kilometres of loops, switchbacks and steady climbing takes you to this delightful resort. Here you will find the most famous building in Cameron Highlands. Standing alongside the golf course is The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant. This English Tudor style Hotel built in 1939 provides you with the ultimate in colonial ambiance. A 3 hour drive from KL, Cameron Highlands is quite literally at the frontier between the man-made world and the wild where one can venture out and taste the latter, returning safely each day to the comfort of the former, The Smokehouse. Enjoy the wonderful traditional English breakfast, tea in the lush gardens with scones, cream and strawberry jam, and dine in probably the finest restaurant in the Highlands. Take pleasure in a drink by the fireplace and relax before retiring to one of the well-appointed suites. The experience of The Smokehouse is something to be treasured.