The Rabbit Hole

Your Wonderland

The Rabbit Hole is built around the narratives of Alice in Wonderland & the Narnia Chronicles. The adventure begins with entering a Bamboo Forest hiding you from the outside world, and here floors are made of cobble stones, with piping, air-con compressors, fire hydrants, telephone booths and graffiti bring to life the feel of you being in a dark back alley. If, you decide to follow the rabbit deeper into The Rabbit Hole then you will eventually find an old English lift which seemingly looks like a dead end, but conceals secret doors leading to various places such as an old English gentlemen’s club with rich exotic leather couches, chandeliers, a fire place and even a secret room accessible only through a make-believe bookshelf – an ultra-modernistic boutique dance club where the walls are made of 3-Dimensional Origami Art – a private club designed like a luxurious Ludus in times of Ancient Rome – and a rooftop like you can only find in Santorini, Greece.