The Lakehouse (Cameron Highlands)

In 1885, much of Malaysia lay undiscovered. British researcher Sir William Cameron was commissioned by the British Council to map certain areas and,after many months, found himself tracking the River Kinta to its source. Upon arrival at the top of the Gunung Chabang, a camp site was established and work commenced on mapping the surroundings. A number of plateaus with heights ranging from 1,340 – 1800 meters above sea level were discovered. Soon after, Cameron died, and the maps were lost. After forty years, a new expedition under Sir George Maxwell commenced, their main objective rediscovering Cameron’s legendary plateaus. As a tribute to the first explorer, Sir William Cameron, the area was named after him. Retired British Colonel Stanley J. Foster started construction on The Lakehouse in 1966, taking 4 years to complete. It had always been a dream of Foster’s to have his own Bed & Breakfast. In 1970, the property started its operations. Colonel Foster resided in the now named Fosters Suite at the Hilltop house which was his private residence overlooking the Main building. Today, The Lakehouse still retains its colonial charm, a jewel high atop the Cameron Highlands, towering above the majestic and historic area.