The Kasturi (Cherating)

Chendor beach commands perfect views to the sunrise over the South China Sea and Tanjong Geliga, where the Kasturi Villas and Suites are located for a superb retreat. With the rain forest behind and the beach at the front, they encapsulate the reality of being embraced by land and sea. This tiny resort of just 19 keys is designed to escape city stress, but without sacrificing the comforts and luxury we crave. The resort’s 15 acres have 800 meters of beach backed by forested dunes. The site has virtually exclusive access to another kilometer of beach to the north, right up to the estuary of Sungai Pak Siak, wonderful for dawn walks and runs. This is a magical place where we occasionally see a family of otters basking on the banks. Sea eagles and fireflies are a regular sight. The beach is famous for fishing stingray and of course the green turtles, whose eggs are safely buried in our hatchery. The Kasturi will be the finest small luxury resort along the East Coast, embraced by the gifts of nature and breezes from the South China Sea.