The Bee

The Bee is much more than just food & drinks – it is also Kuala Lumpur’s go-to place when it comes to international live music. The Bee offers a vibrant showcase of talents from across the region – it has been hosting disco-themed BBQ parties, experimental dining theater nights, raucous quiz night and side-splitting comedy revues. The Bee knows no boundaries and it firmly has its finger on the pulse of the alternative side of the city.

It’s more than just the friendly neighborhood joint, from which to grab a great cup of Joe. It’s also a place where ideas can be created and shared, and where thoughts can be driven forward without fear of the past. It’s a place that doesn’t discriminate, or shy away from the unknown. It’s a nerve center that supports a vibrant community of movers, shakers and doers from a wide body of fields, banding together with the shared desire to make life more interesting (and better) for everyone.

Whether it’s introducing great music from parts unknown, opening eyes by spreading love for the arts, letting people laugh at themselves through comedy shows, raising awareness for animal abuse, or even helping others to see what lies ahead through divination readings, The Bee is here to add color to your life.

Pay us a visit, hang out, and be part of your community. You might just come up with a great idea.