The Attic Bar

The Attic Bar is a cocktail bar hidden on the rooftop of one of Chinatown’s hippest hostels.

Yes, this is a young hang-out, but there are 2 faces to this place. It can be really buzzing and it can be really relaxed at the same time. Their tiny outdoor balcony is really quirky, but helps to make this little bar a rare little drinking nest in KL with a laid back, convivial and relaxed atmosphere.

The crowd is diverse with travelers and locals all mingling together – and the view from the bar is really not too bad. The reason why this goes for being a speakeasy, is because it looks like one – but also because the way up to the Attic Bar is an adventure in itself as you need to go through old wooden stairs and rooms with old Chinatown motifs and then climb up an old school spiral staircase which whizzes you up to the bar.