Tarbush Al-Halabi Lounge (Middle Eastern)

Al Halabi Lounge brings you on a magic carpet ride where oriental dreams come true, tantalizing aromas of faraway lands linger and enchanting melodies of a thousand and one nights fill the air… Al Halabi is a name of a city in Syria, also known as Aleppo. Al Halabi Lounge has a very personal ring to it because it is also the family name of its owner, Mr Mohyiddin Al Halabi. To him, Al Halabi Lounge is about what he envisions – right from its construction to its décor to its finishing touches. He wants Al Halabi Lounge to be a brand new concept, something different from what Tarbush has been offering. As he affectionately puts it, Al Halabi Lounge is a Tarbush’s offspring. It is like a garden for Tarbush, where guests relax and lounge, basking in the Middle Eastern charm. Al Halabi Lounge is decorated with Moroccan cum Syrian décor where each detail is carefully fine-tuned and custom made. The modern and classic design will transport you back into time to the exotic Middle East where floors are lavishly carpeted, comfortable cushions invitingly await and walls tastefully designed with beautiful and unique Syrian decorations and features. This will include a beautiful fountain or more, where the presence of water will bring a sense of coolness in the lounge.