The Terrace at Tamarind Springs (Thai Hotpot)

Nestled amidst a lush rainforest, The Terrace at Tamarind Springs is the latest dining concept by Tamarind Restaurants. Presenting a feast that is as delectable as it is nourishing, savour a steaming Thai Hot Pot, complemented with platters of freshly-grilled seafood and traditional Thai favourites.

With four unique soup bases to choose from, enjoy the Namya Kaknomjin, a dynamic blend of fresh Snakehead Murrel Fish and Red Curry Spices; Tom Kha Gai, a combination of chicken soup and coconut cream; the spicy and well-loved Tom Yam; and Clear Chicken Soup.

Only 15-minutes drive from town, disembark upon nature’s gateway into a visual and sensory feast. Having won many industry accolades and topped many gastronomes’ scoreboards, Tamarind Springs is also renowned for its lush sensuous appeal.