This bar is not a speakeasy, but it is well-hidden, because you’ll have to go find Skullduggery at the back of Huckleberry Food and fare (which is an all-day restaurant), behind a thick wooden door. This dim, cosy bar feels private and affluent, almost like a member’s club, but there’s still a looming sense of mischief here. Skullduggery stands by its name with a full wall of copper plated skulls and a toy train going round delivering shots.

They are masters of cocktails here. Classics aren’t mucked about with gimmicky twists, but instead perfected with a lot of precision and by using only the best of premium and craft spirits, many of which are specially imported by the bar itself. The cocktails are inventive and complex, often featuring unusual ingredients such as truffle-infused vodka, seaweed agave and cardamom milk jam to delicious effect. Expect strong cocktails that contain double pour shots (50ml), a standard pour in the world’s top bars.