Shelley Yu’s

Shelley Yu’s is a restaurant and bar that offers traditional Nyonya food with a modern touch accompanied by artisanal nyonya inspired gin cocktails in a high energy, vibrant atmosphere. With a bold, eclectic charm and mouthwatering Nyonya food, Shelley Yu’s is the perfect choice for a family lunch, a casual dinner with friends, or some late night drinks and dancing with your special someone.

The interior is dressed with vibrant Peranakan influences. Bright, colourful flowers and glossy tiles on the walls and bar counters make for a special ideal atmosphere where one can indulge in signature dishes such as their prawn Pie Tee, Ikan Goreng Chili, Nyonya Curry and their Sotong Sambal Petai. Wash it all down with some clinically created gin flavors.