Seven terraces (Penang)

When you walk into Seven Terraces, you are immediately hit by a distinctive traditional Chinese architecture that strikes your attention, but the idea of open courtyards and air wells in the center of the building are based on colonial tricks allowing light and air into the interior rooms to keep the whole house well illuminated in the day and cool the whole day through. Complementing the Anglo-Chinese exterior, the interior was one that harks back to the romance and splendor of the Peranakan Chinese era – to which this hotel is homage. Seven Terraces is located in the heart and core of the World Heritage Site which was a 20m away from Pitt Street. It was a short walk away from the ‘street of harmony’ heritage trail, in between the Goddess of Mercy Temple or Kuan Yin Temple and the St George’s Church, where one will find a church, temples, and mosques all within the same street. It is also within a walking distance to stately British colonial mansions that used as public buildings with the Penang state museum right next to the St George’s Church and the Courthouse just across from it. Down the road, the stately City Hall and Town Hall stand proud and tall facing the Esplanade while about 300m from these grand old buildings was the Penang Legislative Assembly building.