Ruyi & Lyn (Contemporary)

Not only is it kind of categorized as a ‘Speakeasy’ hidden from view with no signage and can only be found via one-way glass walls; but they have managed to intelligently divide their enormous 22,000 sqf into a place of elegant discovery. The restaurant is a swanky high-en contemporary Asian restaurant already famous, especially for its totally original new line of Nasi Lemak, Hainanese chicken rice & sticky mango rice sushi creations; but if you wait for it to morph into a lounge and bar scene come night time, then RUYI & LYN opens up to be an integrated entertainment concept full with surprise stage entrances, sliding black doors looking like walls, private rooms, hidden karaoke machines & dance poles, narrow reflective walkways and terrace balconies.

‘Ruyi’ actually means “as you wish/desire” – and so with a tasteful decor, unique designer furniture, state-of-the-art lighting and hypnotic art pieces – RUYI & LYN should be the go-to destination for anybody, whether it is business over drinks, a hen’s night, a romantic dinner or anything else.