Passage Thru India

Passage Thru India is just one of those incredible places. This is the place that brings the real India to Malaysia. Take a walk thru this restaurant and you will understand what that means.

Decorated with many Indian artifacts, the restaurant offers a pleasant setting. With ochre red walls, painted murals, exposed brick walls, lanterns hanging from the wall, carvings, statues, thematic decorations, and also unique sitting chairs which reflects the many different parts of India and its many different cultures, Passage Thru India will mesmerize those who dine here.

While customers let their eyes wander around the restaurant, Passage Thru India is a place where it is not just a feast for the eyes, but also a feast for the mouth. Actually, this restaurant will take you on a culinary journey from the North to the South of India. Serving more than 100 different dishes from the many parts of India, diners can literally take a crash course to explore the many wonders of Indian cuisine as waiters here make it their duty to explain to you the origins and the stories behind their dishes.