Nathalie Gourmet Studio

Nathalie Gourmet Studio is not your usual restaurant – the restaurant is not pretentious – but Nathalie has established a reputation in KL for preparing food of the highest standard and she has for many years now been the go-to-person when it comes to preparing the best fine dining diners in KL. She is in very high demand when it comes to top corporate events, embassies diners and high-net worth parties – so when you visit the Nathalie Gourmet Studio expect to be pampered and some of the absolutely best food in town for recommendable prices.

She was also the one called upon when Whimsy wished to develop the first-of-its-kind multi-sensory dining experience in Kuala Lumpur. Nathalie was in charge of the dining experience, while Whimsy used a state-of-the-art 360° projection technology known as projection mapping, which resulted in a very mind-blowing multi-sensory affair and a very successful partnership. Defnitely something they should do again…

Nathalie also devotes her time to sharing her expertise, knowledge and passion for food by providing services such as catering, team building, cooking classes and consulting.

She also delivers some of the best Pastries and Macarons in KL on a daily basis that has to be said. Try them when you past by.