Muntri Mews (Penang)

Muntri Street was one of the oldest streets and one of the first middle-class housing developments in the late 19th century sometime between 1880 and 1900. The road was named after the former Menteri of Larut, Ngah Ibrahim, in those days “Menteri” (Minister in English) was spelled as “Muntri”. While the houses in this neighborhood were larger with more of a feeling of grandeur, this building was originally the mews meant for the row of grand terrace houses built along the street during an era of affluence.

The rooms upstairs were originally built as quarters for drivers and such at that time and the long verandah, which provided a feel of communal living amongst the workers during that period, has remained to connect the rooms. Today, the area had emerged from a period of neglect and disrepair to one that was full of vibrant and life where the locals mingle with travellers alike.

Gentrification has dusted away the years of dereliction to reveal the beauty and elegance of the buildings lining the street.