Step into Manja where old world colonial luxury awaits you. Indulge in our array of local and international dishes with our own modern twists. Revel in the selection of stunning local fruit cocktails. It is special place to celebrate your special occasions and share mouthwatering dishes that showcase both the best of local and international flavors.

At Manja, they go out of their way to showcase local produce and a unique ‘farm-to-table’ process. They have very close relationships with their suppliers and are able to ensure absolute quality of their ingredients. The greens come from Cameron Highland, and their seafood from Kuala Selangor and Sabah, while all meats are air flown from New Zealand and Australia. Our chefs take pride in our ‘scratch kitchen’ concept preparing almost everything in-house, from stocks, sauces to smoking our own meat.
At Manja, they live up to their name and strive to spoil you in all ways. Paying close attention to the tiniest details, they create an atmosphere where you can leave your troubles at the door and simply enjoy yourself. Step through the doors and into Manja – let them take you on a journey with thrilling new experiences but also reassuring old favorites in equal measure!