The Majestic Hotel (Melaka)

Located on the banks of the river which in yesteryear teemed with Chinese junks and spice-laden vessels from all over the world, The Majestic Malacca provides a glimpse into the splendid saga of an extraordinary empire. Steeped in a rich tapestry of multicultural influences reflected in its heritage architecture, diverse lifestyles and eclectic cuisine, this classic hotel is an integral part of Malacca’s colorful history.

The heart of the hotel is a restored 1920s Straits Settlement mansion complete with its original porcelain tile flooring and teakwood fittings. It has been sympathetically extended to house the guest rooms and suites as well as an award-winning spa that is a reflection of that era, melding luxury, modernity and tradition. The origins of The Majestic Malacca began in 1929 as a private mansion of a tycoon named Leong Long Man where imported Victorian tiles, stained glass windows, expensive furniture and fittings were all incorporated into his home. Sadly, he fell ill and died in 1931, just two years after moving in. His son entrusted with the family estates squandered his inheritance and eventually sold the mansion to a businessman named Lim Heng Fang in 1955.

Fortuitously, Mr. Lim preserved the building and converted it into The Majestic Hotel. It became quite de rigueur to stay at the hotel in the 1950s and 60s with a clientele that comprised mainly of British planters and even played host to Malaysia’s first prime minister when he announced the former British colony’s independence in 1957.