La Cave

La Cave means the “The Cellar” in French and that is what we want our clients to feel when they walk in. A quintessential tiny European wine bar nestled in the hustle and bustle of Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur – but what it lacks in space is certainly makes up for in its wines. La Cave was the brainchild of Florian Paul Raymond, who was born into a family of winemakers from the Madiran region of Southwest France. He shares a passion for socializing over good quality wine, cheese platter, cold cuts and ambient. Naturally, he applied this to his wine bar as he wishes to share these passions with the folks in Kuala Lumpur. La Cave mission is to source for the very best of wines and spirits from around the world, both Old and New World, and to offer customers a wide selection of fine alcohols to choose from, previously unavailable in Asia. For the true connoisseur, wine isn’t just wine. It is much more than that. At La Cave, we understand this. It is the guiding principle behind our careful portfolio of wineries. Others will aspire towards it but it is, we believe, what makes our wines truly unique.
If you are living in Malaysia or just visiting Kuala Lumpur, La Cave is here to act as your home away from home. As soon as you stepped in, you will feel as if you are walking into a local wine bar in any European city. Whether you would like to enjoy a glass of fine wine, a mug of imported beer or your favorite bottle of spirit, we have something for everyone.
See you at La Cave!