Coco Tei

Authenticity with a WOW factor

Coco Tei is a Japanese restaurant with a long standing reputation already and it continues to offer delicious prime Japanese dining in KL. The good news is that it has recently decided to make it-self even more available to a growing clientele by moving to a larger and more central position on Jalan Raja Chulan in the heart of the city – at the foot of the Holiday Inn Express – in a wonderfully situated little location.

Reputed for innovation and taste, the gastronomic appeal at Coco Tei lies in the fact that they offer fresh and authentic Japanese menus with a fusion of both traditional and modern dishes; and for multi-sensory experiences they are able to sophisticatedly create scrumptious entrees of the highest quality at very reasonable prices – something that really needs to be experienced.

In their endless pursuit to deliver authentic Japanese cuisine Coco Tei prepares food with great care and passion, ensuring that each dish is crafted elegantly with intriguing taste and quality while delivering visually stunning displays. This success firmly rests in the hands of its highly trained chefs, sourced from around the world. The restaurant has noticeably been able to assemble a very professional team with really important experience in both Japanese cuisine food and beverages as they in addition provide a large eclectic range of Sake and alcohol drinks from classic to modern, imported directly from Japan, to complement their amazing food. Coco Tei is one of those restaurants in KL where you let the master chef and crew dazzle you with culinary skills, and entertainment, while they prepare your food – but the restaurant also delivers that very chic elegance and comfortable dining atmosphere that is absolutely crucial to make it in the world of prime dining today.

This is Japanese dining in a unique and environmentally friendly space combining very traditional and modern Japanese elements, but more so in coco Tei the open space is really well decorated with real fine detail, both outdoor and indoor seating, wooden logs and stone interiors. Here, the earth tone colors of the restaurant foster a real warm and natural ambience, while subtle lighting softens the mood where necessary. At Coco Tei, you can dine either on the patio, at the bar or in a tatami seating arrangement – and if you are looking for that intimate dining experience – Coco Tei certainly presents that perfect atmosphere able to provide for an amazing special occasion.

The logo says it all – the Coco Tei leaf directly portrays their strong inclination towards an environmentally friendly greener future and eco-living lifestyle; strongly advocating a development towards naturalism and healthiness – so whether you are a Japanese food lover or a newcomer to the taste, you can be certain that Coco Tei will accommodate for any of your needs.