Overlooking the KLCC park and the Twin Towers, Cantaloupe’s stunning dining room by Melbourne interior designers Hecker Guthrie is a must try fine dining concept

in Kuala Lumpur. This place has it all going for it. Cantaloupe offers a high level of culinary sophistication, they offer uniqueness in their concepts and design – all the WOW factors stack up here – and then there is the view.

While Troika Sky Dining presents several dining option, Cantaloupe represents the fine dining side where Chef Christian Bauer presents a menu of beautiful dishes made with invention and integrity.

While famous for their  menu, Cantaloupe has also build a special following for their scrumptious Sunday Lunches. These lunches have indeed become something of an institution and people pen the dates into their diaries. The brunches see  like-minded friends rounding up for the occasions and having a few bottles put on ice, ready for their arrival. The atmosphere is known to be convivial, relaxed and the spread sumptuous as a Sunday lunch should be.

Then there is the Cantaloupe Express Gourmet lunch, which is the most famous lunch in town. This is where, against the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur’s City Skyline, Cantaloupe prepares a succession of eight delicious little lunch courses that simply keeps your senses tingling as well as your wallets healthy… These finer lunch experiences by Cantaloupe can be eaten leisurely or in a short 45 minutes, depending on your schedule.