Brasserie Fritz

Brasserie Fritz is an oasis in the centre of Kuala Lumpur.  Located in Bukit Bintang on the intersection of two of the city’s busiest streets, it is surprisingly calm and cosy with an urban elegance that gives it a distinctly metropolitan feel.

Starting at 8am, Brasserie Fritz opens its doors with an Australian-style breakfast menu filled with hearty, healthy and tasty options, like the very delicious Deep Fried Three Minute Eggs with cauliflower, cashews & tamarind dressing, which can be paired perfectly with a “Boozy Breakfast” Bloody Mary or a cup of coffee. From 11am until midnight,Brasserie Fritz features a delicious menu that fuses traditional French cuisine with global influences, a seasonal seafood counter and two cocktail bars where they stir up all-day Spritzes from early morning to midnight.

The Seafood Counter displays the freshest seasonal delicacies flown in from around the world. The beautifully presented Fritz Platter and Grand Fritz Platter both offer a great introduction with an assortment of crab, mussels, prawns, oysters, scallop, sandy clams and saba, which are all available to be served fresh or in a variety of preparations.

At the bar, you can enjoy an ice-cold beer or one of Fritz’s many indulgent hot chocolates, made entirely from single origin chocolate sourced from Brazil, Ecuador, Tanzania and Malaysia.