Babe (Fusion)

Babe is about fun dining as opposed to fine dining. It’s about enjoying the spirit of sharing their signature ‘Japas’
(modern Japanese tapas) with your favorite people and enjoying a stunning views of the city skyline at the same time. Babe creates great food that inspires the taste buds and truly represents a new dining experience in KL which evokes the senses.

Babe is an amalgamation of Ramsey’s artful finesse for progressive modernist cuisine and the BE Group’s signature boutique sophistication (the purveyors of original concept eateries such as Ploy and Way Modern Chinois). Serving up Japanese-accented tapas, or “Japas” as Ramsey has coined, Babe will be focused on a unique ‘fun dining’ experience as opposed to the structured world of ‘fine dining’.

The menu at Babe offers an exquisite mix of flavors, textures and temperatures, promising an unparalleled multi-sensory dining experience. True to the tapas concept, the “Japas” menu at Babe is sharing-style, believing that social interaction enhances the overall dining pleasure.