ACME Bar and Coffee

Acme may not be the first ultra-stylish eatery to hit KL – and it may ultimately only ‘be’ a café-bar – but Acme Bar and Coffee is a true gem where design boundaries have been pushed back to build an exquisite little place full of perfection. Not only is the interior stunningly breathtaking, stylish, playful and chic (it has a very strong modern retro vibe); but here you will be guaranteed an impeccable service and food quality even when it is a full house.

Acme is one place in Kuala Lumpur that brings its A-game every time. it is a perfect example of the new standards of eateries to be found in KL (even the cocktails rock). Acme is one of those places that goes on to inspire other local restaurateurs in town to up their game and do better everyday.