Movie Goers Upscale

  • 13th January, 2020
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Dinner & a Movie

We are all used to go out for “Dinner & a Movie” once in a while. For most of us it means stopping at a restaurant before making your way to the cinema. However, there is another, different and less conventional – yet more magical – way of doing it. Actually, when one talks about the future of movie-going, one assumes that we can only be talking about 3D, maybe with HFR and Immersive Audio; but we today we could very well be thinking of another phenomenon that has grown a bit in the shadow of these other digital trends – and it is cinema dining. This phenomenon truly rivals Imax for growth and even outpaces Immersive Audio installations as it really ups the quality of the average cinema experience by requiring a high degree of service that movie theaters have long lost and they can therefore add a renewed level of personal interaction that cinema goes really seem to relish.

Dinner at the movies

This is by no means the end to the traditional popcorn and Coke – but since some modern cinemas offer additional items, such as salads, burgers, fine dining menus and even in some places adult beverages – it does radically change the concept of going out for a “dinner and a movie” – because some of us today simply chose to have “dinner at the movies.”

Cinema Luxury Seating

For a cinema to offer a dedicated section and a luxury seat – with one or two separation screens – where the price of the movie ticket is significantly higher, but offers an assortment of food and drink – even an entire menu – included in the price of the ticket; one would naturally think this to be pure opulence and luxury only accessible only to more affluent cinema goers – when in actual fact the price packages across Kuala Lumpur’s best outlets are rather reasonable and not costing more than an average restaurant + movie – not only that, but it is also bit of a discovery. And let’s not forget these marvelous recliners, which on airlines are only tested by the fewest of us – well these recliners are just the comfiest possible and they clearly add to offering a more than magical experience at the end of the day…

Trending in KL

The trend is less common in UK and Europe, and more prelevant in the US, where existing multiplex operators such as Marcu Theatres’ CineDine, AMC’s Dine-In-Theatres ‘Fork & Screen’ and Cinema Suites or Regal’s Cinebarre are well established – as well as dedicated multiplex-and-dining operators such as SMG (Studio Movie Grill) – but there is certainly a basis for high hopes in Malaysia. The trend is definitely trending, because just like in America the Malaysian culture and way of life would dictate that instead of taking an hour and a half to park and go to a restaurant, and then be driving again to see a two-hour movie, you come to one location, where you can have a cocktail in the lounge, enjoy yourself till the movie starts, get called in when time is right and then sit down in the auditorium for a great meal and a movie.

If you aim at transcending these borders of ordinary cinema-going and wish to take a discerning step towards a world where imagination meets luxury and style; then, here in Malaysia, you should try TGV INDULGE in 1Utama and Sunway Velocity Mall – or the even more luxurious AURUM in The Garden’s Mall, which belongs to Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC).