Urbanscapes 2019: Senitiga: As We Go Along - EVENT CLOSED

Segitiga Bersejarah

  • Start: 17th November, 2019 @ 8:30PM
    End: 17th November, 2019 @ 9:15PM

Senitiga: As We Go Along
The performance is a journey to seek answers within the cloudiness of everyday life by exploring the virtues of water.

The dance artist interacts with typographical and graphical textures created prior to the show, where all projections are animated at real-time and triggered using sensors that pick up different stimuli.

About the artists:
Kent Lee | sound artist
Kent plays various instruments and is explorative in his musical expressions. He collaborates frequently with musicians and artists from other disciplines.

Kent has been performing locally and internationally for over a decade in various scenes and settings, ranging from commercial events, gigs, improv sessions to sound design for dance and theatre.

Max Jala | projection artist
Max is a visual artist and programmer who creates generative digital art. Formerly a mobile app developer, he now dedicates himself to making art through code.

Max’s work is experimental in practice, relying on crafting complex algorithmic code patterns which are exposed to spontaneous influences of the outside world through sensors. His codes respond to external stimuli in real-time to create a multi-dimensional space.

Ejin Sha | typography / graphic design
Ejin is an independent graphic designer based in KL. She studied advertising and graphic design both, locally and overseas.

Her regular practice focuses on visual identities, art directions, publications and exhibition designs within the disciplines of art, architecture, commerce and culture.

Liu Yong Sean | dance artist
Sean studied dance in both Malaysia and Korea and has been performing in Korea for over 10 years, focusing on contemporary ballet and theatre.

Sean collaborates frequently with local and international artists, combining both traditional and contemporary dance techniques in his work. He is now an instructor in Arte Korea and Asian Dance Research Center.

More about Senitiga:
Seni Tiga is an on-going multidisciplinary collaborative performance series created by Kongsi Petak, an entity from the KongsiKL community that works on promoting multidisciplinary performances and expressions, to break boundaries between art disciplines and to make art accessible to all.

Once a month, a different team of artists from three disciplines – movement, visual and sound, create a structured site-specific performance in KongsiKL.

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