PLOY Open Mic #118 ft. Tim Lim - EVENT CLOSED

PLOY at Clearwater

  • Start: 11th November, 2019 @ 8:00PM
    End: 11th November, 2019 @ 10:30PM

The PLOY (at Clearwater) Open Mic is our 2nd longest running open mic night which happens every Monday evening just outside the palace! Each installation features one of our finest musicians, with this one featuring…

***TIM LIM***

Coming from the rustic town of Ipoh, Tim hopes his music is able to create some positive vibes in local music scene.

His first album “This Road” was released on 9th September 2009 which featured songs such as “This Road”, “Lost in Love” and “The One”. It was recorded in Kota Kinabalu with the help of singer/songwriter Jonathan Tse.

Building on this momentum and hoping that his music will continue to reach out to more people, Tim continued to work with Jonathan Tse on the follow-up to the 1st album as well. On 21st July 2012, “The Day After” was released which featured songs like “Today”, “Compass” and “The Day After Tomorrow”.

In 2014, Tim released the “Make Me Feel” EP which featured the songs “Tonight” and “Make Me Feel” as a showcase of Tim’s songwriting journey.

Recently, his latest single, “More Than This” was released and it’s about finding meaning to life, where sometimes we feel things are just mundane. The song hopes to inspire people to just cheer up and look forward to what life have to give instead of being burden down by it. Tim’s songs are always aimed at reaching out to people with a theme that reflects on decisions we make in life and the challenges we face as it can be a learning experience where we can see our strengths and weaknesses as long we have the learning passion that drives us all. The journey has also seen Tim performing in various venues such as Open Mic Malaysia venues, Kim Haus, Playspace, the Bee and more.

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***OPEN MIC***

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Open Mic Malaysia is the brainchild of Shaneil Devaser, frontman of The Endleaves. Established in 2012 and currently operating across the country, Open Mic Malaysia aims to create sustainable avenues for bedroom musicians, singer-songwriters and professional musicians to share their music and experiences with each other and the public, over evenings of wholesome indie goodness. In partnership with other like-minded musicians, Open Mic Malaysia aims to… Make Malaysia Great (for indie music) Again.