Ladies Night w Adagietto Live On Stage x Hangover PJ - EVENT CLOSED

Hangover PJ

  • Start: 20th November, 2019 @ 9:00PM
    End: 21st November, 2019 @ 3:00AM

Ladies Night with ADAGIETTO Live on Stage. A night specially dedicated to the Ladies. Drop by to see whats in store for you. DJ Jeff Prime on the decks to hype the ladies on the dance floor”

Ladies Privilege – free flow Cocktails from 8pm -11pm.

Special bottle promo – NAKED GROUSE rm648.nett

ADAGIETTO Consist of :
Nina as the vocalist, power house singer and entertainer. Impeccable style of delivering tunes. She is quite the engagement.
Arm the bassist, have been performing with well known band such as NRG. Was performing in all around the country. Involved in producing songs and music arrangements.
Eyo the guitarist, involved in album productions, songs arrangements, and performing nationwide with various well known bands. He is also has been teaching professionally in Yahama Music School.
E the Drummer. Has been leading own band previously, performing in all around the country. Involved in music procductions. He is also tutoring in Yamaha Music School.
Enjoy the Keyboardist. Has been performing nationwide, with well known line ups in all over the country. He was also involved in music production and arrangement. “Adagietto…We are a Band…a Good Band…Hire Us…We Gonna Rock The House”