Khalil Fong Concert Tour

Arena of Stars

  • Start: 16th May, 2020 @ 8:30PM
    End: 16th May, 2020 @ 10:30PM

Since his debut in 2005, Fang Datong has changed from the youthful Soulboy to become the king of golden songs with an independent music brand. He has released 15 albums with unique voices and song recognition. He has now become an iconic representative in the Chinese music scene. In 2017, he won the throne of the King of Songs. Whatever changes, Fang Datong hopes to continue to break through himself and try a variety of music styles and genres to present more music style to fans; what remains unchanged is the persistence and enthusiasm for music, and the conveyance of beautiful music. Popular enthusiasm.

For Fang Datong, any theme, mood or experience can become a melody in his mind, every instant spark can become a song, for fans, each song has its own story, each The group melody has a retrospective memory. The appearance of Fang Datong at that time was a thunderous sound in the dull Chinese music scene. From the beginning of the test, the “Love Love” and “Love Song” have attracted much attention, to the popular “Three People Tour”, “Nanyin”, “If Love”, “Hard and easy”, “Special people”, and even It breaks through the “dangerous world”, “Goku” and “very low-key” of all music styles. The first classic song is beautiful, and each song tells Fang Datong’s unique ideas and opinions.

On the road of music creation, Fang Datong’s original intention for music has never changed, just as he has always been along the way. Despite the fickleness of the outside world, he still firmly follows his heart and his ideals. He hopes that through the new tour “Fang Datong TIO Ling “Children of the Heart Tour” and his fans and friends who support him once again return to the source of their musical journey through music, and at the same time, they are ready to step on a new start. As the fans said: “Listening to the beautiful music makes me want to be a better myself”, “Thank you for coming to this world and making me a special person”, “Hard to know you”, and the Son of Spirit It’s never too late for Fang Datong to meet, let go of bothersomeness and distractions, and talk to one another through notes and melody!