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Arena of Stars

  • Start: 25th April, 2020 @ 8:30PM
    End: 25th April, 2020 @ 11:30PM

Oppa Zhou Baihao and Su Die Wu Ruoxi from the hot topic TV series “Multifunctional Wife” will continue singing in Malaysia and start singing again! Hosted by the Galaxy Group, Galaxy 100 Zhou Bohao & Wu Ruoxi’s 2020 Malaysia Concert will be held together on April 25, 2020 (Saturday) at Genting Yunxing Theater! Tickets are officially on sale at 12 pm on February 10th (Monday). Fans must not miss this unique concert!

“I’ll be back soon!” This is Zhou Bahao’s promise on the final stage of the “One Step Closer” world tour last year. After a year, he really returned! At the concert last year, he directly exploded his shirt and showed his handsome backflip, which made the audience yell at Man Power and let the fans feast on! He has made great achievements in recent years in film, television and film. In the movie, he and A Sa Cai Zhuoyan starred in the box office of “forgive him 77 times.” Last year also continued the film’s opening sequel “Moving her 77 times.” Is expected to be released this year. He is also busy performing the wireless TV series “Multifunctional Wife”. In addition to being the hero of the play, he also plays the ending song. At the just-conceived Wireless Taiwan Celebration Awards, he swept two awards in a row for the drama “Dynamic Wife” received “Most Popular TV Song” and “Most Popular TV Male Character”, which shows that he is definitely a versatile male god.

With the first solo album “Love Diary”, Wu Ruoxi became popular in the music scene. She sang and performed well. She constantly got many opportunities to participate in singing theme songs and shooting TV series. At that time, with the end of the TV series “Apostle Walker”, the song “The Harder the More Love” attracted a great response, and was called “Brainwashing Divine Comedy” by Internet users as one of the hit songs. Therefore, many of the popular TV drama theme songs or ending songs are sung by Wu Ruoxi, including the ending song “Crying Blood Rose” of “Demon”, “Across Generations” episode “Don’t Remember Again”, and “Love Comes Home at 8 o’clock” “The theme song” Perfect Life “and other famous TV series. Last year, Wu Ruoxi and Zhou Bohao also participated in the play “Multifunctional Wife”, and they had a couple rival play with Zhou Baihao in the play. One of them was a bathing scene and it was also a hot topic among netizens!

Compared with Zhou Baihao, who just became the father last year, he has entered another stage of his life. I believe that he loves music and will give everyone more positive power through his songs during the concert. For Wu Ruoxi, who came to Malaysia for the first time to sing, fans can not only witness his strength on the spot, but also sing various famous songs with him on the spot. Since you can see the singing strength of the two singers in one go, don’t miss it!

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