• 7th August, 2018
  • Travel

The English name almost gives it away, but the charm of this place lies indeed in the coolness of the weather and the incredible serenity surrounding the lush sceneries. Most villages up there are nestled around an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea levels and so the temperature never exceeds 25 degree Celsius, dropping even below 12 degree Celsius at night. It can get real chilly.

You can find Strawberry Farms, Honey Bee Farms, Butterfly Farms and Flower Nurseries; but one of the most visited farms is the Boh Tea Plantation with its teahouse, as well as Bharat Tea which has built a spectacular restaurant / observation deck overlooking some of its plantations. It all makes a really a good trip.

Accommodation is plentiful, but we highly recommend the Tudor style hotels and resorts, such as The Smokehouse, the Lake House or the Cameron Highlands Resort with their Old English cozy interiors.