• 7th August, 2018
  • Entertainment


If we had to pinpoint the cities in the world that we think deliver the most gratifying and enjoyable shopping experience, we would most likely all disagree. Maybe it is because every destination is unique and we all look for different things…

On Google, all articles on the subject seem to provide a different responds as to the absolute best shopping destination in the world – however there seems to be no problem in listing the best 10 to 15 shopping destinations. Suddenly everybody seems to agree, although not entirely on the ranking.

So, why buy something in one city when a trip to a better shopping city might be coming up?

A year ago, CNN ran a story listing Kuala Lumpur as the 4th best shopping destination in the world only after New York, Tokyo and London? That is a very large compliment for a young city like Kuala Lumpur, but to be true our city actually gets mentioned regularly in all listings, so there could be something to it.

What makes Kuala Lumpur stand-out? What are people looking for? Because people need to be able to get around and KL does not really have the best quality of public transportation, but it does provide affordability and there is a generous offering of taxi-options around especially using the latest booking systems by phone. Transport time might be questionable for most people here, but in fact traffic here is probably better than in most other big cities.

Secondly, for a city to be a shopping haven, it needs to have variety, and here Kuala Lumpur certainly does not disappoint. Bargain opportunities are aplenty, shopping malls are everywhere and many of them are absolutely massive. Maybe sometimes ‘Bigger’ really is better. It certainly seems to be the prevailing shopper’s ethic in Kuala Lumpur, because 3 of the world’s 10 largest malls are in KL. In Malaysia we have a real shopping mall mentality, here you can literally find everything in 1 mall and you can take the whole day going thru it. Some of these malls are 1-day trips and you can literally shop till you drop.

KL’s claim to be a leading shopping destination comes from its winning combination of high quality shopping, city beauty, quality of window displays and shop décor, friendliness and competence of service staff; including its top dining and accommodation options. It is the number of available brands, the range of shopping categories, the quantity of upscale shops and the affordable prices that go with it that really just says-it-all.

Malaysia has been grooming herself to be synonymous with shopping, but the experience in KL is not only about the largest shopping malls in the world, the glamour and the glitz, because in Kuala Lumpur, we also have smaller bazaars to visit. Actually, these bazaars hold long tradition in most of Asia and there is nothing like it in the West. Typically the bazaar is made up of hundreds of small vendor stalls selling handcrafted items, unusual imports and goods designed to capture your attention. It is easy to spend an entire day in a single bazaar, so come prepared.

In a recent Globe Shopper Index, initiated by shopping tourism company Global Blue in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit, Kuala Lumpur tops 23 other cities as the best shopping destinations in Asia – just behind Hong-Kong.

It seems like we all still don’t agree, but as international shoppers start to recognize KL’s attractiveness and flock to our city, one has to admit that the food, the shopping, the views, the energy and the noise here in KL is perfect. With additional shop frontage, affordability, convenience and transport we might soon be listed somewhere somehow as “Number 1”.